LIFE has a wide range of business members, including a number who own their own business or who would like to start-up a new business.  With a growing number of young entrepreneurs and Christian business people, LIFE’s ACTIVATE business mentoring programme is designed to better develop and support those with a heart to invest back into the Kingdom of God. 

The ACTIVATE ‘Business Mentoring’ programme uses selected LIFE Business Mentors to leverage the wide range of skills and experience available within LIFE.   ACTIVATE is available to all LIFE members at no cost.

Mentoring is provided, in the form of advice, support and information, by the LIFE Business Mentors.  The Business Life Investment Fund (BLIF) Board selects the LIFE Business Mentors, who are chosen for their general business skills and/or their specialist knowledge and experience.  The goal is to improve the effectiveness and profitability of businesses owned by LIFE members so that they will eventually sow some of that success back into LIFE’s Kingdom ministries.  LIFE benefits through an improved ‘value proposition’ for its members, higher value relationships and through the increase in tithes and offerings.